If you've seen Pulp Fiction then you'll have seen the cute little boxing Kangaroo where Bruce Willis keeps his watch. We've had so many of our customers asking us if we can get them one and after a  great deal of work we've managed to get hold of a very small quantity of them (and we mean small!).

These ceramic kangaroos are NOT reproduction items. Each  one is inscribed 'USA 1956' to show the country and year it was made -  that's right, they're over 50 years old! That means that not only are  they important pieces of movie memorabilia, they're also genuine  antiques that will increase in value substantially due to their age and  collectability.

They were originally designed to be used on a dressing  table, the pouch at the front is for loose change, the tail is for  hanging a watch or bracelet and the side opening is for putting your  wallet (your Bad Motherfucker wallet of course!). It does however make a great desk caddy. I use mine for paper clips, rubber bands and pens  and it's a great talking point, you'd be amazed how many people  recognise him from the film - he really is a famous little old  kangaroo, (apparently John Travolta also has one of these in Saturday  Night Fever but we're waiting for someone to confirm this - if you know  please let us know.)

We only have a few of these and when they're gone they're  gone! They're all in great condition, there aren't any chips or  scratches, although obviously there is a little crazing on them which is normal for ceramic pieces of this age. The dimensions are 7.5" high,  6" wide, and 5" deep. We think these pieces were hand made as no two  are alike so the colours and markings may differ slightly from these  pics.




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